Draw into Notion (or any other app)!

Walkthrough with Rob Mullaly
Draw into Notion (or any other app)!

Notion, a versatile productivity app, has garnered significant attention and acclaim in recent years due to its unique blend of features and flexibility.

Its modular structure allows users to create personalized workflows, making it suitable for both individual use and team projects.

The app’s interface is user-friendly and highly customizable, enabling users to build pages and dashboards that fit their specific needs, whether they are managing personal tasks or coordinating complex projects.

What makes notion different?

One of the key factors contributing to Notion’s rise in popularity is its adaptability.

Unlike traditional productivity tools that offer fixed templates and functions, Notion provides users with building blocks, such as text, lists, tables, and boards, which they can arrange and configure freely.

Additionally, Notion’s robust support for third-party integrations allows users to connect their workspace with other popular tools like Google Drive, Slack, and Trello, further enhancing its utility.

The growth of remote work and the increasing need for digital collaboration tools have also played a significant role in Notion’s surge in popularity.

What about drawing & whiteboarding?

Notion, while highly versatile and feature-rich, does have certain limitations, including the absence of a dedicated drawing tool. It does allow for embedding a digital whiteboard such as Miro into Notion, or to drag images into Notion as an image.

As an organisation tool, this can break up the workflow from being an all-in-one tool into two distinct workflows.

The combination of the espresso Display & our software, Jot, allows for this workflow by being a whiteboard overlay.

You can draw anything you want or annotate from a screenshot and when you're done you can "drop" it into Notion as an image.

See a walkthrough by Rob Mullaly, an incredible photographer and self-proclaimed Notion productivity nerd:

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