Top 5 espresso 17 Pro Reviews for Content Professionals

See our roundup of the top reviews catered for content professionals who edit photo and video.
Top 5 espresso 17 Pro Reviews for Content Professionals

2 years after launching the espresso Display, the World's Thinnest Portable Monitor, the request we had most often was:

"Can you make it bigger, 4k & color accurate?"

We heard this from our customers and internal team that whilst the espresso Display was perfect for portability and travel, they still had to rely on their MacBook display when doing any color-accurate work.

So as soon as we had the opportunity to, we set out to create the best performance portable Display in the market, which covers those features and more. Providing a great solution to content & visual professionals to design, edit and color grade with our Display.

But don't take our word for it. Below we round up 5 reviews from trusted names in the industry across industry blogs that have been around for decades, to up and comers in their field.

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1. PetaPixel Review

For photographers.

Peta Pixel Review of the espresso 17 Pro

2. Apple Insider Review

For Mac users.

3. Chris Roger's YouTube Review

For those who travel often.

4. Cybershack Review - Ray Shaw

For those who like going deep into technical specifications.

5. Tom's Hardware Review

This includes both espresso Display 13 & espresso 17 Pro, to compare the differences.

Bonus: Customer Trustpilot Reviews

Whilst professional reviews are a great deep dive for exploring every aspect of a product, it is the experience of paying customers which matter most. Check out Trustpilot to see the reviews.

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