espresso 17 Pro: 2024 Ultimate Travel Editing Setup

We worked with content producer Chris Rogers to learn how he edits his content on the road and how the espresso 17 Pro improves his workflow.
espresso 17 Pro: 2024 Ultimate Travel Editing Setup

In December we launched the espresso 17 Pro, which is the most advanced portable Display out in the market. We have designed a custom panel specific for the needs of people who travel often.

One of the areas where the espresso 17 Pro stands out is for people who require color accuracy for video or photo editing, as well as graphic design.

We have been admiring Chris Rogers who's been using one of our first products for a few years now and wanted to see how it fits into his workflow.

We recently sent him an espresso 17 Pro to join on his adventures around the world and got his feedback on how he uses it to enhance his workflow whilst travelling.

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Key Takeaways from the Video

  • When travelling on the road, editing can be frustrating compared to when you're at home in the studio

  • espresso has a 4K color accurate portable Display which solves this problem for those who travel often

  • It has a magnetic stand to setup the monitor in vertical format, which is perfect for editing vertical content in the preview screen for Reels, Shorts and Tiktok

  • The touchscreen is great for retouching

  • It is portable, lightweight and high quality. So it can pack away into your backpack and be taken out whenever you need to work, at airport lounges, hotel rooms, coworking spaces.

Exclusive Offer: Limited Time Only

For the launch of this video, we wanted to offer something special to those who, like Chris, also travel often and need a high quality video editing setup. For this month only, get the following benefits:

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