Photography in Antarctica: A production kit for a professional

A conversation with Luke Tscharke - an Icon of Australian photography
Photography in Antarctica: A production kit for a professional

Luke Tscharke is an Australian icon of landscape photography. Based in Hobart, Tasmania, Luke’s work takes him to some of the world’s most remote and rugged places.

In two recent cruises to Antarctica, Luke was a resident photographic expert and advisor, capturing some of the polar region’s most stunning locations.

The polar journeys involved tours that followed in Ernest Shackelton's footsteps, visiting areas that few people have had the privilege of seeing and capturing unique visual perspectives on the region’s landscape and wildlife.

Editing content captured from the day's photo shoots with an espresso 17 Pro helped save Luke time and energy while on his trip.

Luke also used an espresso 17 Pro for the first time - editing photos from his laptop at the end of a long day of shooting. Utilising the 1 billion colour colour gamut, 17 Pro made a great dual-screen editing studio on the go from his laptop.

In addition to hosting photo enthusiasts on overland and ocean journeys, Luke runs photography workshops and tours throughout Tasmania on a regular basis. He has received recognition and awards from a wide range of publications and organisations.

Luke spends many weeks at a time on journeys around the world to capture amazing moments. He also shares his craft with others on group tours.

The closing summary of Luke’s “About” page sums up why we find folks like him so inspirational:

"Luke’s ultimate aim is to bring moments of beauty into people’s lives through his images, softly reminding us of our fleeting presence within these unspoiled landscapes, and reinforcing that, despite life’s turbulence, the world remains a place of incredible beauty. By sharing these awe-inspiring scenes, he hopes to encourage viewers to adopt a sense of stewardship, protecting and cherishing the extraordinary world we inhabit."

Luke is someone you need to follow. His work in nature, landscape, and astrophotography is incredible.  

Thank you, Luke, for taking our display to the farthest reaches of the globe!

You can find more of Luke's work on his website:

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