Creator conversation: Daniel Scuteri, Tech With Benefits

Starting a YouTube channel about Samsung mobile devices
Creator conversation: Daniel Scuteri, Tech With Benefits

Daniel Scuteri owns and operates one of Australia’s fastest growing tech YouTube channels, Tech With Benefits. Specialising in content, topics and themes around Samsung mobile products, Daniel is a leading expert and passionate advocate for helping guide his audiences through optimising how they can get the best experiences with their setup.

espresso Displays and Tech With Benefits have collaborated on a number of awesome pieces of content that focus on how our tech can optimise a Samsung-centric mobile setup. 

We sit down with Daniel in this article to ask about his journey and ambition in growing his channel and audience with an awesome stream of content.

What draws you to keep doing what you do?

The constant evolution of the smartphone world, and Samsung’s insistence on not standing still is what continues to draw me in. Technology will always evolve and at the centre of it is the smartphone. It connects everything together and Samsung, in my opinion, does it the best so I want to continue to be apart of that.

What are your biggest day-to-day challenges, and how do you overcome them?

I have a young family, so the biggest challenge is time. I also live in a small apartment, so space to create has been an issue. I don’t have a fancy studio or dedicated editing space, so I have to be creative in the way I use the space and the technology I engage with to do what I need to.

The biggest win so far me was having the portability of espresso display, my space I work from is quite small, but if I ever needed to take my work elsewhere, I don’t need to lug a big giant monitor around, I can conveniently pack the display into my bag and have the same set up.

I also have a very supportive partner, she enables me to have the time to be creative and sees how passionate I am about it.

How would you describe “flow state,” and how do you achieve it?

Flow for me, is about starting something with no intention of when you will finish it, and then letting ideas flow from one to the next until it finishes a natural conclusion. It’s not something that just happens by force, it occurs in a natural way when you have an environment that supports it.

Sometimes, things can break a state of flow, kids, a phone call, tiredness to name a few. Going into creation with a clear mind and focus is the starting point, see where it takes you!

How many locations do you work from in any given week, month or year?

I usually will work from between 3-4 locations within a month. My main desk in the corner of my bedroom, at my sons football training, the lounge room couch and the dining room table. Throughout the year extra locations can be added, whether down in Sydney visiting family or overseas on a holiday, I tend to take my work with me and I need the right kit.

I am deep in Samsung’s ecosystem, so Samsung DeX becomes a vital part of the cog for me. Using an espresso display alongside Samsung DeX means I can keep my travel productivity light.

If you could choose anywhere in the world to work from, where would it be and why?

Italy. I would work from a hotel room overlooking some piazza in Rome or Florence. Just the history and culture that’s maintained in Italy is inspiring and can make you feel connected to

What excites you most about innovation in interactive technology?

The way it’s heading to make everyday life easier for people. Products and services are being designed to remove barriers to working so you can spend more time with family and doing things that energise you and allow you to create an environment for the next generation to flourish as well.

Tell us about what makes for a good experience when you’re on task and focused on work.

Having clear space to work. Whether for you that means physical space to spread things out, or mental space or time, just having the space to focus. For me, it’s being in control of my own time and flow of work.

Not having specific time that I have to work within the day, but having my time to recharge and energise to bring into my work I have to do.

What is your work-from-anywhere toolkit in terms of products and software?

My current kit I bring with me whenever I leave the house and I know I have to work is my Z Fold 5, Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, Tab S9 Ultra & the espresso 17 Pro kit. I know, depending on what it is I need to get done, anyone of these devices can connect to the other to give me a seamless experience of work and allow me to have frictionless experience to get things done.

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