The Ultimate Productive Desk Setup with Amy Landino

Tips from an entrepreneur, authour, and productivity educator
The Ultimate Productive Desk Setup with Amy Landino

Amy Landino is a legend in helping people achieve their optimal level of productivity. A bestselling authour, keynote speaker, and trusted source for insights and advice on leading a productive lifestyle, Amy is someone who has inspired many of our team members and customers for a long time.

Whether you’re exploring ways to organise your life for better outcomes, tackling productivity blocks head-on, or want to get up to speed on some of the latest methods of getting more control back in your workflow, Amy is someone you need to follow.

Amy’s social channels and website are packed with awesome inspiration and insights on unlocking ways to design a more productive work and lifestyle, while taking a long-term approach to becoming a student of building the life you want.

We were recently fortunate enough to meet Amy and partner with her on a YouTube video that takes a deep dive into the ultimate productive desktop setup. It’s an awesome view into how someone like Amy’s designs a home office setup for success. Well worth a watch! Oh, and Amy is using an espresso 17 Pro to help her 2024 setup.

Watch her full 2024 desk tour below

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Top Five Takeaways and Lessons

  1. Maximizing Productivity through Workspace Setup

    • The importance of a well-organized and functional workspace is critical. Standing desks and walking pads can help promote movement and maintain focus. A thoughtfully designed environment can significantly enhance productivity.

  2. Versatility and Portability

    • The flexibility of the workspace setup is a key foundation of having more freedom in your workflow. Amy works with portable technology like the MacBook Pro and espresso 17 Pro, allowing seamless transitions between different work environments, whether at home or out on the go.

  3. Embracing Technology for Efficiency

    • Leveraging technology to streamline work processes is a recurring theme we see in this video, and other lessons from Amy. Integrating hardware, software and a well planned approach to how you want to work is something that can take time to refine, but an area that should always be something that is assessed.

  4. Encouraging Movement and Health

    • Incorporating movement into the work routine is super beneficial for both physical health and mental focus. Choosing a walking pad over a traditional chair underscores the lesson that staying active can lead to improved productivity and well-being.

  5. Simplicity and Practicality

    • The preference for simple, practical solutions over more complex and cumbersome options is a notable theme. This is illustrated through the use of the Canvas Desk Lamp for easy video recording and the selection of practical accessories like external hard drives and screen cleaners that simplify daily tasks.

    Bonus: Amy also showcased how the espresso 17 Pro could work in a video about Notion and organising her life. THIS is well worth a watch: How I Organize My Life + Work in Notion [2024].

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