Going green with Gallagher Security Training Australia: embracing paperless classrooms

Saving on paper, reducing carbon footprint, and enhancing learning
Going green with Gallagher Security Training Australia: embracing paperless classrooms

Gallagher Security develops integrated technology solutions that help organisations around the world protect, secure, and manage people and assets. Their solutions are trusted by government, defence, commercial, industrial, healthcare, transportation, mining, and educational organizations in 140 countries. 

In 2022, Gallagher Security embarked on a transformative journey across its learning and development program with paperless classrooms. The paperless classroom model adopted centred around the company’s use of our very own espresso Displays.

The integration of espresso Displays into the classroom environment at Gallagher Security helped to streamline the process of allowing access to training materials, enhancing convenience and responsiveness to the needs of both Channel partners and employees alike.

espresso Displays portable monitors are now part of the learning environment at Gallagher Security.

In addition to enhanced learning, the move away from an ongoing reliance on printed resources also helps reduce its environmental impact and reduce carbon emissions associated with the use of printed paper documents. 

By going paperless, they were able to save 19kg of CO2 emissions in just 8 months, with a total of 38kg expected over two years. The move also equated to a saving of nearly 19,000 pages in the first eight months of 2023, equivalent to approximately 19 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions. 

Watch the full video to learn more about Gallagher Security's innovative use of espresso Displays and portable monitors. enhancing the learning experience it offers and environmental efforts in the classroom:

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