Every second counts: Ultimate performance with Moto2 Team Gas Up Racing

When every moment counts, technology can be a make-or-break
Every second counts: Ultimate performance with Moto2 Team Gas Up Racing

Stop and Go Racing team (now Gas Up Racing Team) is a motorcycle team based in Barcelona, Spain that uses espresso Displays across their operations on the road.

With a history of running an epic operation in the Moto2 category of the MotoGP world circuit, Gas Up Team combines a passion for motorsport, engineering excellence, and a profoundly committed focus on the success of its riders, partners and Moto2 as a sporting category.

In the fiercely competitive world of Moto 2 racing, where even the smallest advantage can mean the difference between victory and defeat, teams are constantly seeking innovative solutions to gain an edge. With all engines, oil, gasoline, and frames standardized, the battleground shifts to maximizing performance through data analysis and streamlined operations.

Enter espresso Displays, providing the team with a lightweight, durable, and easy setup on the road and in the race pits, their engineers use the displays to quickly analyze data, make informed decisions, and optimise performance on the track.

One of the unique challenges in Moto 2 is the limited space available for equipment. Carrying around all the necessary tools and technology while maintaining mobility is no small feat. The slim design of the espresso Display allows the team to conserve space without sacrificing functionality, making it an invaluable asset in our arsenal.

With the complexity of modern racing bikes, having access to real-time =data is essential. With over 100 channels of data to monitor, including digital and analog signals, as well as mathematical parameters, the espresso Displays help empower team engineers to fine-tune every aspect of the bike's performance, from engine parameters to suspension settings.

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In a sport where success is determined by the smallest margins, the espresso Display is more than just a screen – it's a weapon. Its intuitive interface and lightweight design make it a great option for the team's tour tools.

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