The convergence of art and technology with Dr Jessica Priebe

When art, technology, creativity collide, amazing things can happen
The convergence of art and technology with Dr Jessica Priebe

Amazing things can happen when art, creativity, technology, and innovation merge. Throughout history, creatives have worked hand in hand with technology to reimagine the future of communication and storytelling. In many cases, collaborations between tech innovators and creatives have helped usher in exciting movements and cultural trends. 

At espresso, we’re fascinated and inspired by the idea of the creative process and collaborating with people who challenge the status quo. In this espresso Studio interview, we speak with Dr Jessica Priebe, one of Australia’s leading authorities on art and emerging technology. 

Dr Priebe is an Art Historian and Lecturer in Emerging Technologies at Australia’s National Art School of Australia who is helping emerging artists realise the power that technology can bring to their careers and professional development.

Dr Priebe recently presented at SXSW Sydney in collaboration with SOHO House and The Museum of Contemporary Art on the topic of the Metaverse and art curation. Source.

In this interview, Jess talks to us about the potential that technology has in helping artists share, protect, and distribute their work through digital platforms - particularly when it comes to Web3 technologies like blockchain and metaverse. 

Through her work at The National Art School, Dr Priebe has helped to develop Australia’s first Web3 curriculum taught in an art institution. With issues around artificial intelligence (AI), intellectual property (IP), and Web3 evolving around the next generation of artists, the need for discussion, collaboration and sharing of knowledge is critical.

About Dr Jessica Priebe

Dr Jessica Priebe is an art historian and lecturer at the National Art School and advisor in emerging technology at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

A former research fellow with Sydney University’s Intellectual History Network, she has published numerous books, articles and essays on artists’ collections, material culture and emerging technology in arts education.

Jessica is an experienced educator, leading AI art and Metaverse workshops in schools, museums and galleries. At the National Art School, Jessica teaches blockchain, AI and Metaverse curation using a Web3-enabled curriculum, the first course of its kind in an Australian art institution.

In 2023, she founded Arts3, an agency providing strategic advice around the development and delivery of education programs and creative initiatives that explore the intersection between art and emerging technology.

Learn more about Dr Priebe's work by visiting her website here.

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