Creative Profile: Lettering Artist and Teacher, Jimbo Bernaus

From coworking spaces and online classrooms, to helping craft the espresso 17 Pro
Creative Profile: Lettering Artist and Teacher, Jimbo Bernaus

Jimbo Bernaus is someone who has inspired us for a number of years. An early customer for espresso Displays, Jimbo reached out to our team to provide feedback on the product and share his interest in what we were doing in terms of shaping a product and brand that could support his work and productivity on the go

Based in Barcelona, Jimbo has been passionately building his business and brand based on a deep investment in creating a unique proposition for his clients, students and social media audiences.

A graphic designer for more than a decade, specialising in lettering, he is also one half of an awesome creative studio called ShoutBam! that runs training, education, and tutorials for the creatively inclined who want to become better designers. 

Jimbo works from coworking spaces and cafes and also runs online training sessions for his social media subscribers. The espresso Displays helps his workflow.

The team at ShoutBam! shares a passion and love for each other, great design, new challenges and sunny days. Using their intuition, creativity and design expertise, they regularly work with their global community to create tools that help other creatives achieve their full potential.

Workshops, digital tools, advice and more. You can check out Jimbo’s most recent work via his active social media profile.

Jimbo’s work has involved engagement with thousands of students and designers through the educational programs he runs, as well as projects with major global brands. So, it has been an amazing experience for espresso to work together in a formal capacity.

After first contacting espresso, Jimbo and our team have regularly talked about how to develop better products, accessories, and software for people like him. Our conversations led us to a collaboration to support the launch of our latest innovation - based on thousands of hours of feedback from people like Jimbo - with espresso 17 Pro.

espresso 17 Pro was one of those special products that was inspired by the idea that everyone should be able to work anywhere to the highest standards, feel like they could get creative while working anywhere, and feel empowered to setup their workstation when and where they need to. 

Packed with awesome features and positioned at the premium end of the portable touchscreen display market, we wanted to make espresso 17 Pro a memorable experience from the outset, including the unboxing and packaging experience.

This is where Jimbo came in to deliver what he does best: to create epic, engaging, and fun artwork for our next-generation display!

Well, here it is, and a link to a feature video about Jimbo and his inspiration, as well as Jimbo having fun unboxing the product that he created the packaging for.

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