Alex Weinstein: espresso Display and a composer's workflow

A testimonial about music, production and creative optimisation
Alex Weinstein: espresso Display and a composer's workflow

Alex Weinstein is a composer who makes beautiful music. His career has spanned film-making, his own albums, and commercials for some of the world's most respected brands.

Whether he's telling the story of The Chrysler Turbine Car (Turbine), The Story of the DeLorean Time Machine (88MPH), or the 1979 Countach LP400S in the Cannonball Run Countach: Ambulance, Alex’s portfolio is epic, historic, and inspiring for anyone who works in a creative field. Most recently, he has worked on the Netflix series, Tires

From a commercial standpoint, Alex has also produced work for Apple, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Disney, and many more. Suffice it to say, Alex knows a thing or two about composition, creating, and following an idea from conception through to production and delivery. 

In his own words, Alex has this to say about his music: 

“The styles vary quite a bit, but if I had to explain the common thread, I would say that this music is unapologetically human. I find joy in the imperfections, the squeaks, and the emotion.”

Recently, we had a conversation with Alex about his production setup, which includes an espresso Display. Alex was generous enough to provide a real-life testimonial about how he uses the display with his monitor and editing workflow. 

Curation in the studio with Alex Weinstein. A blend of seamless tech and sounds.

Alex curates an environment for creating and composing beautiful music with a human touch.

espresso Displays and Alex's workflow: 

"As a composer for film and TV, I need to catch inspiration when it arrives and work quickly before it leaves. So the tools in my studio are crucial. Each piece has to be reliable and fit in my space so well that it almost disappears when I don’t need it. And the espresso Display did this from day one.

I love setting it up below my iMac Pro so it doesn’t obstruct any sound from my speakers. It’s the perfect companion monitor to display a mixing board because I can position it near my hands. Tactile adjustments to my mix is as simple as touching the screen and dragging a fader in Logic Pro.

It’s pretty seamless. And the fact that it runs power and data over one USB-C cable feels like magic. It makes it a no brainer to pack the display when I need to travel with a mobile rig. A MacBook Pro and the espresso somehow feels like a full sized studio. It’s awesome. I seriously love this monitor."

My set-up:

"I seriously love this monitor." Alex Weinstein on the espresso Display 15 touchscreen.

espresso Display 15 touch functions work seamlessly with Alex Weinstein's music production workflow.

Thank you, Alex for sharing your experience with espresso Displays.

Check out Alex’s work on his website, here, and listen to how latest album here.

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